Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dining Manners 101

My friend, Debbie, a talented interior designer, invited me to lunch today and yes, etiquette experts make mistakes. We dined at Gale's restaurant in Pasadena and I was salivating over the menu. I always tell my clients not to order anything difficult to eat or with a lot of sauces should it end up on your shirt/blouse/dress. Did I follow my own advice? NO! I wanted to order the lasagna because I had heard it was fabulous and it was incredible (as was the salad before it). The delicious sauce immediately ended up on my expensive blouse. However, I was smart. I had worn a gorgeous shawl my colleague Linda had given me and was able to cover my mistake. Did Debbie notice? I hope not.

Rule #1 - Don't order difficult/messy foods if you're trying to make an impression
Rule #2 - Always bring a shawl/sweater just in case!

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