Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Business Card Etiquette

Where are your business cards right now? At the bottom of your briefcase with the uneaten crackers? In your purse with lipstick stains or torn and bent? Crumpled on your dresser?

Your business card is your calling card; it tells everyone who you are. Present a professional image by keeping them in a business card case or leather holder. Many men will keep them in the pocket of their jackets only to realize that when they need one, the jacket is still at the cleaners. Have several that are handy in your portfolio, briefcase, purse or glove compartment. And carry them with you at all times; yes, even to your child's soccer game, ballet recital or to the black tie dinner. And definitely to the golf course!

When you receive someone's business card, take it with both hands if possible; look at it and say the person's name. This is another way of helping you remember a name. Then, don't just throw it on the table, put it away in your case. And don't write on the back of it while talking to someone, i.e. "obnoxious - bad hair day." Can't you find another way to remember them?

So, did you find your cards?

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