Saturday, May 16, 2009

Can I e-mail a thank you note for a gift?

I'll give you a hint and it's two letters: NO. If you receive a gift, you should handwrite a note; it's much more personal. If you tend to procrastinate, at least call the person or send a quick e-mail thanking them and then follow up with a note. Exceptions: for hostess gifts (they are thanking YOU for the dinner/party) or again for a gift where people are thanking you, i.e. you took over dinner to a sick friend and they had someone drop off flowers for you. Call them - always acknowledge receipt of a gift. People will come up to me at my seminars and say "I read that you have a year to write a thank you note for a wedding gift." You could be divorced by then! Write it as soon as you can. The last page of our book says "Be unique, write a thank you note. Be more unique, mail it."

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