Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wedding guest etiquette

Are you attending any upcoming weddings? Yes, there is wedding guest etiquette.

Respond to the invitation as soon as possible. Do not ask to bring a friend. Look at the envelope carefully and you'll know exactly who was invited.

Arrive at least fifteen minutes early before the ceremony.

Do not take a gift to the wedding or reception UNLESS it is at the home of the new bride or groom. Gifts become lost, the cards fall off, sometimes gifts are stolen or they are dropped. Send it ahead of time or even after. (Whoever started the rule that you have up to one year? The couple could be divorced by then; send it soon.)

A man does not wear black tie before six o'clock in the evening.

A wedding gift is addressed to the bride and sent to whoever issues the wedding invitation.

It is in poor taste to carry a drink when going through the receiving line. Also, this is not the time for a lengthy conversation with the bride and groom!